Our history

The Olive Tree of Crete


A tree posed and fructifying constantly and continuously since the times of ancient King Minos.


So many eyes, so many hands have been touching it with affection through the centuries.


From the ancient Greeks and Minoans to the Venetians and the Ottomans, all enchanted, they slept beneath its shade, they tasted its fruit, they perfumed their bodies for their loves, they healed their pains with its oil.

The oldest olive tree in Crete. It is estimated to be more than 3000 years old.


Why the olive tree of Crete stands out


Because it grows wild and rugged everywhere in Crete.


Because it is perennial, like an ancient Greek Goddess of the myths, like the Mediterranean Sea of the legends.


Because it is grown and cultivated for thousands of years in the same lands, from father to son and from mother to daughter.


Because rarely will you see it grow at lowland parts of Crete.


Because it resides in places with hills and slopes, like an amphitheater, to first see the sun of the Mediterranean dawn.


Because it has a clear sense of the afternoon’s reverie, feeling the hum of ports and recognizing the human passions and loves during the warm nights of the Cretan summer.


Because it always looks to the Aegean Sea to feel the breeze of its winds and to hear the humming of its waves.


Because it is watered by the skies in the moonless nights of Crete’s wet autumns.


Because its body sweats in the heat of the Cretan summer and it is watered again with the perfumed water of the wild streams as it flows between the roots of willow and oleander.